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DMPR is a London & Essex Social Media Agency that specialise in social media management for businesses and organisations throughout Essex & London. Utilising the strengths of each social media platform. Along with our established networks and years of experience as a successful social media agency. We are able to develop a bespoke social media management campaign for any type of business. Delivering results through quality and targeted content that will get shared, liked and discussed.

As an established Essex & London social media agency who truly believes that the businesses we work with offer something that people would (and should) want to know about.  We make it our mission to ‘spread the word‘ amongst local communities to bring those goods or services to the attention of everyone who stands to benefit!

Find out more about what we do and discover why choosing DMPR as your social media agency can help your organisation succeed.

Twitter Social Media Campaign
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No obligation. No sales. Just passion for what we do!

We only provide an overview of our social media management campaigns on the site, but are happy to share the details in person through a free social media management consultation.

Rest assured we never try to sell, pitch or pressurise! We're just keen to help and enjoy the challenges that each new business brings.

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A social media management campaign delivers a defined plan of what you want to achieve and how to go about doing it. In turn giving your social media marketing efforts the purpose and structure needed to deliver results for the best returns on investment.

Once you know that over 90% of adults actively using some kind of Social Media platform on a daily basis. Any organisation that is serious about developing their brand and following should understand the importance and value of maintaining a constant and engaging social media management campaign.

Goals of a social media management campaign can include;

  • Developing Brand Image
  • Promoting Goods & Services
  • Getting Shared
  • Increasing Followers
  • Generating Leads
  • Direct Sales
  • Marketing Content
  • Increasing Website Traffic
  • Customer Support
  • Retaining Audiences
  • Recruiting Staff
  • Sharing Offers
  • Publishing Events
  • Starting Discussions
  • Receiving Feedback

There is no point in gaining thousands of likes and shares if you're not reaching the people who will actually make a difference to your business!


Over years of social media management to businesses across numerous sectors we have learned what it takes to create a successful social media campaign that will meet specific client objectives.  Maintaining an overview of relevant industry activity and adapting to customer insights or social trends to constantly improve performance.

Most importantly, a successful social media campaign should portray your true business personality to connect with networks of like minded people where you can build fulfilling and useful relationships.

  • Research
  • Plan
  • Deliver
  • Report
  • Review


Social media strategy is the method of delivering a social media management campaign to meet desired outcomes.

Whether it’s through pictures, videos, or informative articles. By recognising the common interests and behaviours of your target audience. Including the platforms they use to communicate. We devise a social media strategy that maximises the impact of every post to infiltrate, attract and retain relevant followers while building trust in your organisation.


Twitter Social Media Campaign

Twitter is an important social media platform that refines how people communicate, with 86% of their 300+ million users relying on Twitter for news updates or information, and over 40% learning about new products and services via their feeds – not forgetting that a large portion of Twitter users also kill time by browsing and searching the network!

Despite continued innovation, Twitter still remains a highly effective social marketing tool which requires a unique approach.


Facebook Social Media Campaign

As the largest social network in the world with 75% of adult internet users having an active account that is checked almost 8 times per hour on average, Facebook Marketing is essential to every social media campaign.

Known as the one of the best social media platforms for generating direct website traffic, Facebook Marketing delivers interesting and relevant content that taps into targeted audiences who seek news and information from their Facebook feeds.


Instagram Social Media Campaign

Instagram is an extremely hot social network seeing steady growth over 5 years with a community of more than 400 million monthly users providing some of the best returns on social marketing of all media platforms – especially where nearly 70% of users regularly engage with brands and services directly.

With the average Instagram user spending at least 20 minutes sending, receiving and sharing 80 million daily images, DMPR have seen great success from engaging a highly reactive audience.


DMPR provide professional social media management services using a combination of research, data, knowledge and ability to achieve the best possible results from every campaign…  That being said, the main reason most of our clients seek social media management services is due to a lack of time to do it themselves.

By using our outsourced social media management services DMPR become a true extension of your team.  Working closely to develop and deliver structured social media management campaigns that reflect your brand image while adapting and growing with your business.  Leaving you to focus on what you do best!

Social Media Management Campaign Services



Creating professional social media accounts, or optimising existing profiles to maximise visibility and impress people seeking information.


Building trusted relationships through dedicated account managers backed up by experienced resourcing teams to ensure consistency.


Two to five posts per day using time related, targeted content to effectively engage your desired audience in line with campaign goals.


Eye catching, carefully considered variety of fully branded and natural looking posts to gain and maintain follower engagement.


Increasing your visibility across our wider established networks and communities with a potential reach of over 250,000 users.


Becoming your voice to actively convert any opportunities or user interest into direct sales, leads and referrals on your behalf.


Result driven social marketing with a constant focus on activity metrics to measure and improve success rates.

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